Using NodeRED with ISAAC Workspace

Basic Control

NodeRed is easily accessible through the ISAAC Workspace with its browser-based design.

Simply drop blocks for specific protocols such as ModbusTCP, SNMP, or general TCP and UDP. Connect output information to additional blocks. For enhanced scripting and processing, use JavaScript.




Embedding Panels in ISAAC Workspace

With just a few clicks, panels and monitoring charts can be displayed inside the ISAAC Workspace as a Panel.

Charts with running displays are native to NodeRED, and can easily display ongoing items like “Battery Remaining” and “USP Voltage”



SNMP Example

Information can be parsed using blocks to display in a panel.

Drop protocols such as SNMP into NodeRed as a block:

Use basic JavaScript parsing to extract desired information:


Connect output to pre-built, customizable display charts:






Outgoing Messages

Use simple scripting or built-in protocols:



Use timers combined with protocols for monitoring:

More details and tutorials on NodeRED can be found on