Is the SMI MxM Series available for Showmaster products?

Yes. Since version 6.1, SMI MxM Series supports both Showmater ST and Pro models along with Medialon Manager Software.

Can I test the SMI MxM Series without buying?

Yes. Just download it here and install it on the computer running your Medialon Manager Software (you can download it for free from Medialon website). Unplug the Medialon physical USB protection key (if you have one), and start Medialon Manager Software. Select either "Pro DEMO" or "Lite Demo" and start using the SMI MxMs.

Medialon Showmaster Editor software doesn't provide any "Demo mode." You'll, therefore, need to download Medialon Manager software in order to fully test the SMI MxMs without the proper software key or hardware.

How do I buy an SMI MxM License?

In order to use the SMI MxMs in full mode, you need to buy a License Key in the Smart Monkeys, Inc. online store. Once you placed your order, you'll receive directives to register your software. SMI MxMs are associated with a Medialon Manager software key or Medialon Showmaster hardware serial number. You'll, therefore, need to provide a Medialon serial number in order to receive your license activation code.

I am about to place an order but I don't have the Medialon Serial Number with me?

After you place your order, you have 30 days to provide us with a Medialon serial number.

Can I change the Medialon Serial Number of an SMI MxM is linked to?

No. Once a license key has been assigned to you, it cannot be changed. If your protection key is broken, you should contact Medialon and ask for a replacement key with the same Serial Number. If your associated Showmaster Hardware is replaced under warranty, please contact us directly.

What if I upgrade my Medialon Manager Lite software to a Pro version?

Your protection key will be upgraded with the same serial number. You will still be able to use any SMI MxM license you own.

Do I need to re-enter my License key when moving from one computer to another?

Although the license key is stored on your computer, it is also carried over by the projects you create. Therefore, if you start a project on a computer, you won’t have to re-enter your license key if you re-open your project file on another one. This as long as you're using the same Medialon protection USB key.